Sunday, December 14, 2014

Firefox OS & Cherry Mobile ACE- The First PH Firefox OS Smartphone

I just bought a phone not because of the hardware but because of FirefoxOS  Sorry Cherry Mobile! =)

But I reallly like their Christmas P999 promo,

Very cheap and my notion here is that more developers will buy this phone as a toy or dev phone.

Here are my views on this phone:

1.I believe that this is worth exploring. Will check these coming days how we can hack this OS. Hopefully, we can develop some small apps in the near future.
Note that this one is built upon open web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This is really cool.
2. I personally find the default UI very user friendly and easy to navigate. ie. Adaptive App Search 
3. I guess the experience using this will definitely change the developers' view to web and mobile platform. check WebIDE 

Kudos to my FIrefox/Mozillian friends for doing a good job! We hope that this product will get a good market share.

Oh! If you are looking for a good gift this Christmas, I guess this one is the BEST.

Visit for more update and info about this ACE Phone.

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