Saturday, March 05, 2011

Congratulations to KahelOS Website!

by Deng Silorio
March 05, 2011 - Saturday

A few weeks after launching our enhanced KahelOS Website pops in the fresh announcement that this simply magnificent crafted portal is among the semi-finalists for the 12th Philippine Webby Awards under the Community and Portal Category.

Congratulations to the lads and lasses of KahelOS Linux.

Aside from the look, feel and the lesser use of the obvious orange, what makes the new KahelOS website tagged as enhanced?

The goal of the creative team to bring about the website is not to underestimate the context of being simple.

  • Simple should mean basic yet meaty and comprehensive.
  • Simple should still be fantastic but friendly to the viewer and doesn't hurt the browsers' eye.
  • Simple should naturally imply realistic unfolding from a surreal beauty.

Also, as part of the larger linux and open source community, KahelOS website wants to share a statement to all that linux and/or open source is never boring.

This website per se is an ingenious concoction of images and commands a fresh flair for choice of technology use and blend of scripts, making the KahelOS website, a community website to be reckoned with.

Going back to the 12th Philippine Webby Awards, unlike other community and portal web nominees, the KahelOS Website redefines and asserts our frame of mind of what a community website is.

The KahelOS is not a product or service for a particular community. Rather, KahelOS is a by-product of an open source community collaboration with diverse cultures and beliefs not only in the Philippines but around the world. Each single contributive effort regardless of quantity and relevance is a part of the community, is KahelOS.

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