Friday, February 13, 2009

Having problems with your Asterisk MOH? Get Charozt!


We are proud to share the initial release of Charozt v0.8, an additional offering in our OpenApps, and is also freely available for download at and Google Code.

8layer's Music On Hold (MOH) Uploader, or what we lovingly call Charozt, is a Linux-based application that can be installed in Linux desktops to convert .MP3 to .WAV specifically for Asterisk supported MOH.

If you have read An Ode to Charozt, you have at least an inkling on how the project came about. You know, how the tool is a labor of love, and one of the products of JBJ's 1% inspiration (or maybe more?) and 99% perspiration (literally? haha!).

This is our pre-valentine gift to all those who fell and are falling in love with Asterisk. For those who still have-to, c'mon, it's not too late!

Visit the project page and download Charozt here.
Visit the Charozt project at Google Code and download it here.

Having problems with your Asterisk MOH? Get Charozt!
by Jaja del Rosario
February 12, 2009 - Thursday

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