Friday, January 23, 2009

How to install PHPMyAdmin to your Lotus Foundations Server?

1. Download the zip and unzip them to your Windows workstation
2. SMB://serverip/autoinstall (where serverip is the IP of your LFS server)
3. Log in as root.
4. Copy the .pkg folder to here.
5. Go to WebConfig: http://serverip:8043/
6. Log in as root.
7. Go to the Software Update page.
8. Click on Install for PhpMyAdmin or PHP-Pear.

How to Test PHPMyAdmin is installed:
1. PHPMyAdmin is installed when the phpmyadmin team is created. You can check in WebConfig under User Setup.
2. To access PHPMyAdmin: http://serverip/~phpmyadmin
3. Log in as root.

How to Remove PHPMyAdmin:

1. Go to WebConfig.
2. Log in as root.
3. Go to the User Setup Page.
4. Delete the phpmyadmin team.



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